Dear friends!

In May of this year, at the annual General Assembly of WDC in Blackpool, the Ukrainian Association of Sport Dances (UASD) was formed. The new organization represents Ukraine in WDC. 

This organization will follow basic principles of the World Dance Council, sharing the values and policies of WDC as the world's largest and most professional dance organization, based on the principles of equal opportunities, openness, transportability and professionalism. 

The leading positions of Ukraine in the dance world are possible only on condition of professional dialogue build with our colleagues in the West, maximum strengthening of the work within the country, exchange of information with the best specialists of the World, professional training of dancing couples, coaches and judges in Ukraine. For this purpose, the Expert Council of the Ukrainian Association of Sport Dances was established headed by honorary President - Vyacheslav Kryklyvyy and consisting of the most renowned teachers of the world. 

The activity of the council is aimed at organizing trainers' fees, congresses for dancers, coaches and judges, system and professional development of all participants of the dance life of Ukraine. To all leaders of Ukrainian dance organizations, we are ready to constantly offer cooperation on all key issues, where want to strengthen level of trust, our relations to be equal, open and honest. 

As the only representatives of WDC and WDC AL in Ukraine, we will strive to support the widest range of trainers and judges, to ensure the demand for Ukrainian specialists in the international arena, to strengthen their authority and prove their high level of expertise. 

The organization will follow main principles of the Olympic Charter – “fare play”, which will strengthen and develop cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine and other state institutions, commercial entities in order to support event organizers, dancers and coaches who have proved the highest professional level. On a par with the coaches who prepared the best dancers of Ukraine, with a worldwide reputation, the focus of our work will be done to support those professionals who take train young dancers, able to work for those who came to the dance floor for the first time, bring up and educate Champion. 

With our professional attitude and energy, we will try to prove the possibility of fair officiating at competitions, the availability of clear and precise criteria for the formation of the panel of judges at all levels, the formation of a convenient and high-quality completion schedule in the country, the distribution of nominations for couples and judges at WDC and WDC AL. Information of the Executive Committee, the Presidium and the Regional Representation of the organization, you can find on our website. 

On our web site you will be able to see the constituent documents of the organization, the charter and separate provisions, correspondence WDC, sent to the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine.


Honorary President
Head of Expert Council
Vyacheslav Kryklyvyy